Why Swimming Pool Water Turns Blonde Hair Green

Despite popular opinion, chlorine is NOT what causes blonde hair to turn green. The real culprit in pool water is copper, which, when oxidized, binds to the protein in hair follicles causing a greenish tint.

Copper can enter the pool if you are using a copper-based algicide, well water, or, if your pool water is acidic, the water will begin to corrode the copper in your swimming pool heater and other equipment.

How To Remove the Copper From Your Swimming Pool Water

You can remove the copper from your water by using BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus and Sparkle Up, both of which are available at Caldwell Pools. A water test will determine how much Pool Magnet Plus you will need to add, after you have balanced your pool water.

Pool Magnet Plus removes and prevents pool staining.Pool Magnet Plus – 1 Qt
Pool Magnet Plus is a highly concentrated formula that removes some present stains and prevents staining from iron, copper and manganese. It also eliminates discolored water from metals. Use monthly in pools that hold metal containing fill water. Use in conjunction with Sparkle Up® to remove metals from the water.

Sparkle Up restores swimming pool sparkle.Sparkle-Up – 2#
Sparkle-Up restores water sparkle and keeps pool water clear by assisting the filter with removing tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster, dust, dead algae, etc. It also absorbs metal ions to help prevent staining on pool surfaces.

Removing the Green From Your Hair

Special shampoos that chelate metals are available to remove the copper from your hair.


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