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Achieving Your Best Tan Ever

Tan Sensibly
Plan ahead! If you haven't tanned before, or have lost your tan from last season and you want a dark, natural tan, start tanning about 4 weeks before your special occasion. This will give you time to work up to the maximum exposure time in a tanning bed and will provide a longer lasting, deeper tan.

We recommend that you start your sessions at a few minutes, perhaps seven, and tan more often - say, four to five days a week. Once you start to achieve a base tan you can add a couple more minutes and work up to the maximum allowed time in the bed. Once you achieve your desired color, you can tan every other day or three times a week. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in figuring exposure times based on your Fitzpatrick Skin Type.

Trying to tan too quickly will result in sunburn, and will require you to wait until the burn has subsided before you can tan again.

Stay Hydrated, Moisturize Often
By now you have probably heard that you need to drink 8 - eight ounce glasses of water daily to maintain good health and hydration. The Institute of Medicine actually recommends roughly 13 cups of beverage a day for men and about nine cups a day for women. Notice this says beverage and not just water. Soda and coffee do count in that number, as does milk and juice.

In addition to drinking enough liquids you need to provide extra moisture for your skin, as tanning (indoor and outdoor) can leave the skin dry and looking ashy. This ashy look is due to the natural process of shedding dead cells as new skin cells are formed beneath. You can slow this process and keep that dark tan longer by taking warm, not hot, showers. Use moisturizing soap or body wash and pat yourself dry afterwards. Applying body lotion while you are still damp will help lock moisture into your skin.

Moisturize again about an hour before tanning using a high quality, non-greasy moisturizer or a moisturizing tanning lotion. When you finish tanning, moisturize again!

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New Tanning Lotions

Oh SNAP! warming leg bronzer with DHA

New tanning lotions for 2016 include Supre Tan's Lemon Berry Blast and Hot Caramel Apple, Devoted Creations Tan Mode, Don't Judge Me, and Power Player, as well as Let's Be Blunt by Fiesta Sun.

New for H.I.M. by Devoted Creations: Extreme, Gold Edition, and Dark Tanning Lotion. PS: We LOVE the smell of the Extreme lotion!

Stop by today and check out all our lotions, and maybe sign up for some tanning!

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