2017 Prom Tanning Specials

Need some color for the Holidays? …. Come tan with us! Our facility has clean, quiet rooms, and the employees are certified by the State of Ohio.

Tanning Beds
Quick Fact: Tanning beds are rated by bulb count and wattage.

Our beds are Level II & Level III, with all new bulbs. Our Hex beds are both Stand-up beds, each with 48 – 200watt bulbs. The Level III Solarwind 5000 (aka Monster Bed) has bronzing bulbs and a face tanner. Reviews are quite favorable, too. Most comments include “That bed’s HOT!” and “I love it!”. If you’re looking for a hotter bed, come in and give it a try yourself!

Solarwind 5000 Tanning BedSolarwind 5000 really is a MONSTER bed!



Solarwind 5000 showing one of the reasons it’s called a MONSTER bed!

Tanning Lotions
Quick Fact: There are four basic types of indoor tanning lotions – Bronzers, Self-Tanning Bronzers, Tingles, and Intensifiers/Accelerators.

Brands of tanning lotion we carry: Swedish Beauty, Ed Hardy, Supre Tan, Devoted Creations, Tanovations, Fiesta Tan. Check out our lotion selection!

After-Tan Skin Care
Quick Fact: Hydrated skin tans easier and holds a tan longer than dry skin. Read more about hydration and achieving your best tan ever!

Brands of after-tan skin care we carry: Hempz, Snooki, Swedish Beauty, Sweet & Sexy.

Eye Protection
Quick Fact: Eyelids are too thin to properly protect your eyes from UV rays. We have Super Sunnies available to borrow, or you can buy a pair of your very own.

Brands of eye protection we carry: Super Sunnies and Wink-Ease eyeshields.

Stand-Up Tanning Beds Have Arrived!

They’re here! Two 10-Minute Stand-Up Hex beds with dressing rooms that feature 46 – 200watt bulbs, making for a faster tanning session.