Level II tanning bed, lights on

Make sure when you go to buy a tanning package that the salon is selling you the right level of tanning bed. Some salons will say that it’s a level II bed when in reality it’s a level I bed.

Level I Tanning Bed
Level I is the least expensive bed to run and use. This bed usually has 24-32 100 watt lamps (bulbs). The maximum time is 20 minutes.

Level II Tanning Bed
The Level II bed is usually 32 to 54 120 watt lamps. The tan builds slower, but lasts longer. They are more expensive to run than the Level I bed, but less than the Level III tanning bed. The bulb count determines the length of time that you can tan.

Level III Tanning Bed
Level III tanning beds emit less UV rays than Level I & II. This bed can have up to 60 lamps at 160 watts. The Level III Solarwind 5000 bed here at Caldwell Pools has a face tanner that prevents burning and promotes a softer tan. You are less likely to burn in this bed, and more likely to have your tan last longer.

Level II Tanning:
$39 +tax for “Unlimited” tanning in a Level II Bed

We have a wide variety of tanning lotions available! Add $6 per session to upgrade to the Level III Monster Bed!