Balance Your Swimming Pool Water

Controlling total alkalinity and pH are very important to successfully maintaining a swimming pool that out-sparkles the rest!

Balance Pak 100 – 4#, 12#
Use Balance Pak 100 to maintain total alkalinity. Proper total alkalinity prevents pH from “bouncing” due to rain, bather load, and other chemical application. This helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling due to improper pH.



Balance Pak 200 – 2#, 16#
Balance Pak 200 raises pH in pool water. This helps prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster, and wrinkling of liners caused by low pH or acidic water.




Balance Pak 300 – 5#, 15#
Balance Pak 300 is a unique formulation for faster dissolving and less cloudiness. It boosts calcium hardness to help prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster and wrinkling of liners.



Lo N Slo – 3#, 8#
Lo ‘N Slo is an easy-to-measure product for reducing pH and total alkalinity in pool water. It’s safer to use and store than liquid muriatic acid.



Stabilizer 100 – 1.5#, 6#
Stabilizer 100 is granular, totally soluble and prevents free chlorine residual loss due to sunlight. Apply it by feeding very slowly through your pool’s skimmer. Stabilizer 100 reduces maintenance costs and chlorinating product consumption.



Bicarb – 50#
Muratic Acid – 1 gallon