BioGuard Algae Control Products

BioGuard has products to kill, prevent and control algae infestations. Use them to avoid murky water, increased chlorine demand and clogged filters. Our staff will be happy to recommend the product that best suits your pool situation.

BioGuard Algae All 60, inhibits stubborn algae growth.Algae All 60 – 1 Qt
This non-foaming, non-staining formula works in chlorinated or brominated pools to inhibit stubborn algae growths.



BioGuard Back Up algae preventative.Back Up – 1 Qt
This is BioGuard’s most effective algae preventative. Works well in chlorinated and brominated pools. A powerful surfactant/wetting agent makes Back Up able to work in tiny cracks and crevices where algae start.



BioGuard Algae 28-40 algacideAlgae 28-40 – 1 Qt
Controls many forms of algae growth and works with either chlorinated or brominated systems. Helps reduce maintenance costs. Excellent mid-priced algicide for commercial applications.



Smart Algicide, an affordable chelated copper algicide.Smart Algicide – 1 Qt
Smart Algicide is BioGuard’s best preventative Algicide. This patented, non-foaming formula prevents green, mustard, and black algae from forming in all types of swimming pools. Smart Algicide contains a patented chelant that prevents staining that commonly occurs with other copper based algicides.


Algicide Related Products

BioGuard Optimizer Plus supresses algae growth.Optimizer Plus® – 40#
Optimizer Plus is a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard Pool Care Systems. It works in chlorinated, brominated or biguanide treated pools to suppress algae growth. But what you’ll immediately notice is it enhances water quality by making water feel softer and look like sparkling diamonds. (Not available in California.)


Use to eliminate foam in your swimming pool.Anti-Foam – 1 Qt
Sometimes you might see foaming in your pool water due to soft water, household cleaners, shampoo and/or soap residues, and an overdose of quat algicide. Anti Foam is designed to eliminate the foam.