Sand Filter Operation and Maintenance

Set valve to FILTER for normal filtering. Also use for regular vacuuming.

Backwash to clean the filter.
When filter pressure gauge rises 8-10 PSI (0.55-0.69 BAR) above start-up (clean pressure):

  • Stop the pump, set valve to BACKWASH.
  • Start pump and backwash until water in sight glass is clear, approximately 2 minutes or less depending on dirt accumulation.
  • Proceed to RINSE.
  • After backwashing, with pump off, set valve to RINSE. Start pump and operate for about ½ to 1 minute. This ensures that all dirty water from backwashing is rinsed out of the filter to waste, preventing possible return to the pool.
  • Stop pump, set valve to FILTER, and start pump for normal filtering.

Other filter settings

  • WASTE: To bypass the filter for draining or lowering water level and for vacuuming heavy debris directly to waste.
  • RECIRCULATE: Water is recirculated through the pool system, bypassing the filter.
  • CLOSED: Shuts off flow from pump to filter.
  • VACUUMING: Vacuuming can be performed directly into the filter. When vacuuming heavy debris loads, set valve to WASTE position to bypass the filter and vacuum directly out to waste.

Winterizing Your Hayward Sand Filter

  1. Completely drain tank by unscrewing drain cap at base of filter tank. Leave cap off during winter.
  2. Depress Vari-Flo control valve handle and rotate so as to set pointer on valve top between any two positions. This will allow water to drain from the valve. Leave valve in this “inactive” position.
  3. Drain and winterize pump according to pump instructions.

Service and Repairs

Consult your local authorized Hayward dealer, such as Caldwell Pools, or other local Hayward authorized service center. No returns may be made directly to the factory without the expressed authorization of Hayward Pool Products, Inc.

Pure, clear swimming pool water is a combination of two factors – adequate filtration and proper water chemistry balance. One without the other will not give the clean water you desire.

Your filter system is designed for continuous operation. However, this is not necessary for most swimming pools. You can determine your filter operation schedule based on your pool size and usage. Be sure to operate your filtration system long enough each day to obtain at least one complete turnover of your pool water.

To properly sanitize your pool, maintain a free chlorine level of 1 to 3 ppm and a pH range of 7.2 to 7.6. Insufficient chlorine or an out of balance pH level will permit algae and bacteria to grow in your pool and make it difficult for your filter to properly clean the pool water.

* NOTE: For new concrete or gunite pools, or where there is a large amount of plaster dust or debris – start filter in FILTER position (not BACKWASH) to prevent clogging of underdrain laterals.

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