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How to Winterize/Close a Chlorine or Bromine Pool

  1. The day before closing, make sure your pool is clean and balanced.
  2. That evening, shock the pool with double the amount of pool shock normally used throughout the pool season.
  3. The next morning vacuum the pool to waste dropping the water level 2 to 3 inches below the skimmer.
  4. Put winter plugs in inlets after taking off the "inlet cover and eyeball".
  5. Add 1 quart concentrated algicide, diluted in a bucket of water.
  6. Secure air pillow into place after blowing it up (do not fill all the way).
  7. Add left over chlorine or bromine to winter floater and put in pool.
  8. Take filter hoses off skimmer and filter and store in garage or basement.
  9. Drain filter and pump by taking off drain cap located at bottom of filter. Put vari-flo valve in between any two positions (or newer models - winterize position). This allows any water that maybe trapped in the "head" to run out and therefore prevent freezing and cracking the head. Put drain cap, pressure gauge, etc. into strainer basket (located in pump) and store in garage or basement. Also remove and store skimmer basket.
  10. Put winter cover on, allowing the cover to drape down on top of the water. Tighten the cable around pool so that no air can get underneath and cause it to blow and tear the cover. You may want to use cover seal wrap to also aid in preventing this.
  11. For rectangle pools with a large deck, use water tubes to hold the cover down and add extra protection against wind.
  12. If using a brominator/chlorinator, remove bromine/chlorine, clean thoroughly and store in garage or basement.