Pool Shock – Oxidizer

Use oxidizers to shock the water and chemically destroy the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment. Restore water clarity, maintain water balance and eliminate the main causes of eye and nose irritation.

Burnout Extreme for heavy duty oxydizing of organic contaminantsBurnout Extreme – 1# bag, case 12, case 24
Granular chlorine shock that when used as part of a BioGuard® Care System, provides crystal blue, sparkling water. Utilizing an advanced technology, it oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors and eye irritation.


Smart Shock, swim shortly after applicationSmart Shock – 1#, case 12, case 24; 2#, case 6
Smart Shock is the best way to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify your pool’s water. Multi-functional Smart Shock also kills bacteria and contains blue algae killing crystals. Swimmers can re-enter the pool quickly after treatment.


BioGuard Oxysheen, non-chlorine swimming pool oxydizerOxysheen, Non-Chlorine Pool Shock – 1#, 8#
BioGuard Oxysheen is a non-chlorine pool shock treatment that will destroy contaminants such as perspiration, sun tan oils, and other impurities that can affect swimmer comfort. This product dissolves rapidly and completely, so swimming can resume just 15 minutes after application.