Intex Swimming Pool Considerations

An Intex pool makes a nice beginner’s pool, one that will help you decide if a “real” swimming pool is something you want to invest in. But there are drawbacks.

Pool Chemicals

Our Choice for Chlorine: The Flippin’ Frog
Flippin' Frog by King TechnologiesFloats ’til it Flips! That portable backyard pool is there for one reason – FUN! Flippin’ FROG keeps it that way with its patented minerals and a low dose of chlorine in an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-pocket, dual cartridge system. Best of all, it flips over when the chlorine is empty and needs to be replaced. For pools 12-18 feet in diameter or 2,000 to 5,000 gallons.

How It Works
Simply click the mineral and chlorine cartridges together, tether as directed and set in the pool. The mineral cartridge lasts an entire summer while the chlorine cartridges last roughly 3-4 weeks. Simply replace the bottom chlorine cartridge when Flippin’ FROG flips over. No touching or measuring the chlorine again.

Most pool owners haul heavy chlorine buckets to the pool side and dump chlorine into their pool or skimmer on a daily basis. That’s a lot of hassle and those costs add up quickly. Flippin’ FROG operates at only .5 parts per million of chlorine compared to 3-5 parts per million for most pools so you’ll spend less on chlorine and experience soft, silky water all summer.

Intex pools generally come with a cartridge filter, something a lot of pool owners consider to be a hassle. Replacement cartridges, while readily available at mass-merchandisers such as WalMart, can become difficult to find during peak season, and require much more time for maintenance than does a sand filter.

Our recommendation:
Replace the standard cartridge filter that comes with your pool with a Hayward VL-Series Sand Filter. Unlike cartridges, the sand in a sand filter generally only needs changed every three to five years, is readily available, and is down-right inexpensive. Backwashing, which is comparable to washing/rinsing a filter cartridge, flushes debris out of the sand, takes only a couple minutes, and only needs done when the pressure gauge reads about 10psi higher than when the filter was installed (about every 3 weeks).

Replacement Parts
Replacement parts for an Intex pool can be difficult to find locally, usually requiring you to wait for delivery from an on-line purchase.

Our recommendation:
If you choose to start with an Intex pool, replace it with a Fairfield (aluminum wall) or Zenith (steel wall) swimming pool (sold and installed by Caldwell Pools, of course) before you need to replace parts!

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